Eating snacks with style and ambiance

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Now that we've slowly yearn for the warmer days, it is time that we get something Mediterranean lifestyle at our dining table. Again a hint of summer, sun and relaxed atmosphere feel ...

Olivenholz snack board

Who does not want to wait until the temperature rises again, it may have been earlier. It's easy! With serving trays made of olive wood you have everything you need.

A hearty meal or even a vegetarian raw food plate, served on a wooden board olives, puts you in the right mood.The most popular are serving plates made of olive wood with a beautifully elaborated sap groove in the natural section. If you like it more modern and straightforward can also use an exact rectangular cut olive wood board. The tastes are different. The effect, however, on the table will be the same in both cases. Cheese, ham, sausage and raw vegetables, cut or rolled, and according to taste decorated with parsley, tomatoes and cucumber slices are a delicacy.  

If you want to round off his table decorations still can for example make even small olive wood bowls for dips or other goodies to it. Especially with a raw food diet plate this would be the perfect combination. The olive wood bowls are available depending on your taste with a rustic edge nature, ie you can still see the bark of the olive tree, or you preferred the more modern variant of a smooth rounded edge. Both versions have your own charisma and are good at handling.  

What do you get with every olive wood product Included, is a beautiful wood grain that is independent of the shape of the product uniquely and accurately produce the desired mood.   We look forward to assist you! Your team of


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