Nut cracking...made easy and beautiful

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Although it is no longer Christmas season, but nuts are also not to forget during the year. Think of delicious cakes, Palatchinken or walnut pesto.

olive wood and walnuts

But this brings us to the core of our nut, it requires some tools. Thus, the Nutcracker is an indispensable part of our household. Thus, it is not any nutcracker, we recommend times to see a olive wood. Again, there are again different forms, depending on your taste and home furnishings.

The olive wood in any event, here is a well-selected partners around the nut to crack properly. This makes it easier and does not require too much force applied all the Nutcracker were processed with a screw thread. Even just by slightly rotating hear the first cracking.

The rest is easy. A freshly cracked nut has a very different flavor compared to the pre-packaged nuts from the supermarket, especially for a fresh walnut pesto. The handling of the screw thread is so easy that even your kids easily cope with it and have fun with it will help you to get rid of the hard shell of the nut. The olive wood is especially due to its extremely high density of very hard and durable.

Despite the huge pressure olive wood wont damage. The wear is also very low, which guarantees a long life of the nutcracker. Easy to clean it is. It wipes him only after repeated use with a damp cloth and then rub it with a little cooking oil. This is not the amount decisive. A little oil is enough and the olive wood looks like new again. The grain of the olive wood is then particularly good effect. So, you should feel like fresh nuts on your menu ... looking for a nutcracker out of Olive wood!


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